Saturday 17 December 2016

A week from now it will be Christmas Eve, and I’ll be waiting for children to go to sleep before I start bringing out presents.

It will also be the night before my birthday, where I will turn 39. Ye gods but I am getting so old!

I was so lazy today, spending most of my time crocheting squares for my blue and grey blanket. While I really like the colour combination, I don’t like the way that in certain lights the grey yarn just looks like it’s dirty. I had already decided that I would buy another colour for the joining, so I think that I might do it in white. Probably crochet a row around the edge of each square in white, and then use white to crochet them together. I think the contrast of the white will make the grey look a lot better. So far I’ve made 25 squares, so I’ve made all the ones I genuinely like out of the 200 Crochet Blocks book and am now on second tier squares, ha ha ha. I’ve looked at my ebook library and have another couple of books there that are dedicated to granny squares, so it will be interesting to see how many squares (if any) that I actually end up repeating.

Troy and Nicholai were a bit busy today, with cricket in the morning and then playing golf in the afternoon. Nicholai’s team won the cricket in a close game, so he was happy about that. They had fun with the golf too, which they played with Steve and Brett and Will – it’s been ages since they’ve played.

Jericho, Soren and Emma just enjoyed the downtime today I think. We’ve been talking recently about them watching some of the movies we own on dvd that they’ve never really watched but are at an age where they might enjoy them now, so today they watched Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. I don’t know that Soren was all that interested, but Emma liked it and Jericho really enjoyed it. I highly approve of this, since I love that movie! I offered to go through our dvds and make them up a checklist of movies they should watch over the holidays, ha ha ha! It would be just like the reading lists that I used to make up for Benita!



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