Friday 16 December 2016

We’re watching Home Alone as we eat dinner tonight. During the dinner scene Jericho asked us accusingly why the movie children were having Pepsi and he’s never allowed it. Troy asked him if he would rather have Pepsi and parents who forgot about him, or no Pepsi and parents who loved him? Jericho said he would have to think about it.

But then when the mother marches Kevin up to the attic after he’s caused a scene and Kevin says sorry, the mum just says, “It’s too late,” and then points up the stairs. Jericho’s eyes just about bugged out of his head with horror – he could not believe that any mother could be so heartless. He has a lot of trouble with reacting impulsively and then being tortured by remorse, so he says sorry a lot and really needs that verbal forgiveness. After seeing that he definitely felt that he would never trade me in for Pepsi and a hardass mother!

Nicholai came home from camp today. Unfortunately he didn’t have a good time – he got sunburned, he hurt his foot, he didn’t like the activities, and he got trapped in a toilet for forty-five minutes. The only cheerful thing he said was that the food was good. I felt so bad for him! He’s definitely very glad to be home.

I did the Santa present wrapping today. We keep the gifts at the office, so I just take all the wrapping stuff there and do it on the conference table upstairs. I find it easier to do it that way – it’s comfortable to work at the table and with nothing else to distract me I just work at it until it’s all done! (Although I have to admit that I kept Pokemon Go on while I was doing it so I could access the post office pokestop and gather some pokeballs, since we were nearly out of them. I was super glad I did, since later on I caught a Pikachu wearing a Santa hat, yay!) Anyway, it’s definitely not going to be a gifts-strewn-all-over-the-living-room Christmas morning, but I know the kids are going to be happy with what they’re getting.

There was a minor hiccup when I discovered that the Hufflepuff scarf I bought online for Emma was in fact a Gryffindor scarf, which really wouldn’t do. I have no idea how I failed to notice this when it arrived! Anyway, it meant she needed another present, so I finished wrapping everything else and then at lunchtime Troy and I drove to the marketplace and bought her a dress. (Which was much harder than I had anticipated – I am obviously not hip to the fashion of the day because I hardly liked any dresses at all.)

I’ve had a sore throat/sinus/cough thing going on all week, and then tonight a couple of the kids were coughing too. I am so irritated that we basically got through winter without any coughs, colds or sniffles, and now it’s a week out from Christmas and we’re all getting sick!

Look at the angry little stowaway I found trapped inside this box when I was wrapping!

Look at the angry little stowaway I found trapped inside this box when I was wrapping!


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