Monday 12 December 2016

I joined Instagram a couple of months ago so that I could see photos of my nieces and nephews. Then I followed a few random celebrities, mama blog hate reads, and MMA fighters and, since all I post are photos of my knitting and crochet, I followed a lot of knitting and/or crochet blogs. I love seeing all that yarny goodness on my feed, but I am seriously baffled by the overabundance of coffee mugs that seem to go along with that! SO. MANY. PHOTOS. taken from above with some knitting and a coffee cup artistically arranged!

Perhaps if I didn’t hate coffee I’d be more able to appreciate these images? But as it is I can’t stand drinking hot drinks. I can occasionally stomach a hot chocolate, but apart from that I think you should only consume liquids when they are cold. (Which yes, eliminates soup). I’ve never liked hot drinks, but since every adult I ever knew drank them I assumed that one day I would grow up and like them too…however I’m 38 years old and would still rather go out for a spider than a coffee. It’s kind of a social handicap actually – people offer you tea and coffee to be hospitable and they get quite anxious when you say no!

I finished writing up my teacher project last night, so this morning I printed it all, photocopied all the checklist points and observations and monster drawings and then stapled it together and shoved it in a plastic pocket. When I got to school I gave one to Hayley, one to the principal and one to the other teacher who volunteered to be the third panel member. She’s the senior room teacher and kind of scares me because she is so good, so frankly I might have preferred someone else! The presentation will be Wednesday after school – I could hardly breathe for terror when this was first decided, but I’m feeling a bit more fatalistic now. I’ve done a lot of work and either it’s good enough or it’s not. Either way I’ll be done with it two days from now and can stop thinking about it!


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