Saturday 10 December 2016

I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping now! We had to go out and buy new sneakers for Jericho and a set square to help me in blocking my crochet squares, so while we were at Officeworks Troy and I both bought suitable gifts for work Kris Kringles and now we’re done.

I will probably try to do another trip to Costco before Christmas. Troy and I were assigned bread rolls and punch for his family Christmas lunch but we’ve put in a request to trade with Adam and Susan. They were given pre-dinner snacks as their contribution, but last year when they were supposed to provide them they were two hours late, but which point it was lunchtime and the kids had all raided the cupboard for stuff to tide them over. So Costco for some chips and lollies or whatever will probably be good. Although that does depend on my mental fortitude a bit – Costco that close to Christmas will be crazy.

We picked Nicholai up from cricket before we went shopping, so we got to see his last couple of overs. He was batting and scored a career best of 5 not out, so he was very pleased. The team scored their season highest runs, but will have to wait until next week to find out if they will win. (Which is part of the reason I hate cricket – what sort of a game is it where you don’t know who is winning until it is over?)

We went to Chirnside Park so we could go to Kmart for Jericho’s sneakers and then Coles for some lunch, which we ate in the car while we went to Officeworks. We took ages there, just because there are a million things that I love looking at and pretending I’m going to buy – I love stationery. Troy likes it too, especially pens.

I did a little bit of crocheting in the afternoon, while the kids played on the Wii and the computer. I’m doing all these blue and grey squares for another blanket, which so far has been really fun because they’re all different. I’m slightly concerned that it’s going to look dull and drab because of the colours, but I thought that when I come to the joining I might do a lighter/brighter colour to match, just to lift it a bit.

Jean and Steve had invited us over for dinner, so we went over there in the early evening. Really it was a trade – Jean wanted Troy to fix her computer issues and me to put the pictures into her Christmas newsletter and dinner was the carrot to get us over there. Not a bad trade though! Troy was able to fix everything easily, although I had kind of a tough time since the actual formatting of the newsletter was kind of messed up and I tried to fix that. The kids had a bath and put their pyjamas on while we there, and then we all watched an animated version of the movie Elf before we came home and tucked all the kids up in bed.

Troy and I are watching some more MMA tonight, although I don’t know that I’ll be able to stay awake for the whole preliminary card – I’m so tired! Although, speaking of MMA, I asked Alyssa if she’d come over and watch the kids on December 31st so Troy and I can go and watch UFC 207. It’s funny, I felt so bad about asking her, like it was some kind of huge imposition, but she was totally happy to do it. She pointed out that it was the first time in my nearly fifteen years of being a parent that I’d ever asked her to watch my kids, so it’s hardly like I’m being demanding. Anyway, this means we can go and watch Rowdy’s comeback fight and see her win her belt back!


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