Friday 9 December 2016

The weather felt like winter today and I love it. People keep moaning about when we’ll get some summer, and I’m just nope, keep this up. I mean, it even might snow up on the mountains!

Although in all fairness, the rain has been a little inconvenient today. I drove to Mooroolbark to drop off my knitting for Knitonegiveone and had to run through the rain – it was completely pouring and I got drenched.

After months of effort, the children had their puppet performance tonight and it went really well. They should all be proud of themselves honestly, they really did work hard and put on a great show. We watched Soren’s class first, and then went to Jericho’s class. We also watched the 3/4J class, and the senior’s play, although we missed the preps.

Jericho had a great time performing. His puppet, Pedro, was a Greek yoghurt seller, who got to hand out ice cream cones and (pretend to) smash a plate.

Poor Soren had a hard night though. He enjoyed his performance, and did a great job with his banker puppet. He was also in charge of doing the party poppers, which were representing fireworks, and I think that was probably his favourite part. Because we were moving around and he was staying in his classroom performing I didn’t see him again until the end of the night, and he was just done. I think he must be sick honestly, because although it was eight o’clock and past his bedtime he just cuddled up on my lap and cried, which seems pretty excessive tiredness. I snuggled him while Jericho sang the final song, and then I actually carried him to the car because he was so miserable. He weighs a ton, I thought I would break my back, but he was so sad and so ragdoll limp with exhaustion that I couldn’t make him walk.


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