Monday 5th December 2016

One of the best things about the kids getting older is the way that our sense of humour seems to match up more. It’s the joy of creating your own people I guess, to a degree you get to shape what they find funny! We had the most hilarious conversation about the Twelve Days of Christmas song yesterday and then tonight we were watching A Muppet Christmas Carol (best Christmas movie ever) and I think everyone made some jokes that had everyone else laughing. It was so funny and it’s one of those times that I really love our family…it won’t be fart jokes forever!

We had our family Christmas party in Haddon yesterday, which was fun. The kids were great in the car and the drive was pretty easy, just long. It was good seeing all the family and the kids loved their Christmas presents and being able to play with their little cousins.

Well actually, Jericho and Soren were pretty miserable with hayfever. Soren’s never really had much of an issue before, but this year he’s rivalling Jericho with the weeping, itchy eyes and both of them had a bad time yesterday. I should probably keep some hayfever chewables in the car for such times – I know that the extremes of temperature make keeping medicine in the car a really poor storage choice, but having something on hand would be better than watching them suffer.

I didn’t get any really good photos yesterday either. I’m honestly starting to feel like it’s a waste of time for me to drag out my big camera, because I’m such a sucky photographer that it hardly seems woth it. I’m probably not really getting anything that I couldn’t take just as well on my phone.

The Christmas party just wiped me out though, even though it was hardly very strenuous! Then I didn’t sleep well last night anyway, so today was pretty much a write-off too. I mostly just crocheted and agonised.

Although the crocheting felt really productive, because I’m joining the granny squares to make the blanket. Ellen picked up two extra balls of black cotton for me at Bendigo Woollen Mills and gave it to me yesterday, so I was able to do the last one and a half borders I had left last night, and then today I’ve been piecing it all together. It looks great! I love crocheted blankets so much. I’m not the only one, Jericho told me it was “a marvellous object” and Troy has claimed it for himself, so at least there’s something I’m doing right at the moment.


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