Saturday 3rd December 2016

The chicken that made her way into the front yard the other day did it again, and this time she took another one with her! I wish I knew how they did it – we kind of assume that they must just jump/fly over the gate, although it does seem a bit odd.

I nearly ruined the elf-on-a-shelf last night in an effort to make his hands magnetic so we could attach him to more things around the house. Thank goodness for a stash of felt and a hot glue gun, that’s all I can really say about that.

We went through the booklists for Nicholai and Emmanuella tonight, since they have to be in this coming week. Emma still had most of her non-disposable stationery type things, but Nicholai did not. Plus, pretty much every textbook they need was a NEW EDITION 2017, so no second hand books either. I think it was only the English novel that Emma can use from Nicholai.

And that’s another thing, there’s only ONE novel on the booklist. Like…what is that? What kind of school am I sending them to where they’re only required to read ONE book in the whole year? Nicholai, in the advanced class, has two, which is still kind of appalling. I mean, I know they read poetry and short stories and things like that in class, but shouldn’t they have a novel a term?


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