Friday 2 December 2016

The elf on the shelf made a triumphant return this morning, riding the reindeer in the fireplace. He was a day late – apparently we got a “bad elf” in the elf on the shelf lottery, according to Jericho. The children forgave him though, they really have fun trying to find him every morning. Their favourite times are when Troy gets creative with it though – once the elf swapped all the baby Jesuses in the nativity sets and they found him sitting in a manger, and another time they found him sitting on the printer with photocopies of his face and little elfin butt.

I might have forgotten about the elf, but at least I was on top of stocking the advent calendar this year and Soren started that off last night. Between that, the decorations, and the Christmas party happening this weekend, it’s all seeming a bit close.

I’m looking forward to the Christmas party, although it’s meant to be hot and I have a total inferiority complex when it comes to my family, so who knows. We bought some snacks at Costco on Wednesday and we’ll get lunch on the way up.

And actually, all our family Christmas shopping is done so at least I can relax about that! I picked Troy up after I finished working yesterday, and we went to EB Games to collect the pre-ordered Pokemon Sun and Moon DSs that are for Jericho and Soren. We had traded in all our flybuys points for a giftcard, so we went to Big W and bought some books and pencils and dvds and a birthday present for Soren with that. We will still have to buy Kris Kringle presents for work, and something for my birthday (I want a Chromecast), but all the Santa presents are done. They’re in a box at Troy’s office, I’ll go in one morning and wrap them all and leave them there to be picked up on Christmas Eve.

Troy has to do our tax though. We have to pay for the high school children’s booklists by next week, and the primary school has gone mad and sent the fees invoice for next year home NOW, to be paid before the end of the year. A tax return would kind of help with that I think.

I was so tired after I taught and shopped yesterday. I was still tired this morning actually, so I took Troy to work, Jericho and Soren to school, the dog to get a haircut, and then came home and fell asleep. I thought I should get outside though, so I went and ate my lunch in the park and collected pokeballs, of which I was sadly depleted. I actually got new pokemon though, for the first time in ages – we finally evolved a Nidoking and caught about ten of an ugly thing called a Jynx, which had completely taken over the park. We’ve now caught 114 out of a possible 149.


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