Wednesday 30 November 2016

I rescued a turtle on the way home from school this morning. I nearly ran him over as he plodded his way across the highway near the chocolaterie, and so I felt compelled to go around the roundabout and go back for him. Lucky I did, since he was in line to be crushed by a truck when I snatched him up. I put him in the footwell of the car and took him to the pond, where he will hopefully live a long and happy life.

My car smelled so bad after that though. Actually, between the stinking turtle and the wet dog (I gave her a bath before we left for school) it was horrific – when I got home I rolled all the windows down and left it to air out in the driveway.

I also lost a chicken today, or at least I thought I did. When I went out to lock them in the coop for the night only two of them followed me in, so I shut the door and went searching. (I really think these chickens are far too sassy, what with their independent spirits…the last batch of chickens just followed me into the coop every afternoon, and there was none of this undignified chase-and-catch rubbish that I’m stuck with now). Anyway, I found the third chicken and threw her in, but the fourth one was nowhere to be seen. I walked all around the backyard rattling the bucket of scraps and calling “Here chicken, come on little birdie” (like it would actually answer or something, lol) and eventually had to ask Jericho and Soren to come out and help me search under bushes and under the house. We were pretty much stumped when we heard “bwaaark” and then we found the chicken looking at us through the gate from the front driveway! I still have no idea how she found her way out to the front, so I can’t do anything to prevent it happening again. Just have to hope she doesn’t do it again!

I cleaned my desk and went Christmas shopping with Jean today, so that was a little bit productive. She wanted to buy all the kids a book for Christmas, and I went along as advisor. It’s a pretty easy job with my kids really, they all like to read so it’s not hard to find something. Nicholai’s getting the new Matthew Reilly book, Emma is getting the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Jericho is getting a new Rick Riordan book (Magnus Chase) and Soren is getting a Treehouse book.

Nicholai’s science situation was worse than I thought – out of a necessary 15 tasks he had completed 3. So yeah…really bad. However he spoke to his teacher about what he has to do and he did work on it at lunchtime and tonight after school, so hopefully he will get enough done. I’m really not happy with him about it, but at the moment we’re just focussing on him doing what he needs to do this time and we’ll think about how to prevent this from happening again afterwards.


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