Tuesday 29th November 2016

It’s so hard being a small boy sometimes. I’ve just put two of them to bed, one of them exhausted and cranky and one of them exhausted and weepy. Tomorrow can’t come fast enough.

Troy, Jericho, Soren and I went to Costco tonight, for shopping and dinner. Nicholai and Emma stayed home and fed themselves baked beans and two-minute noodles. Nicholai also messaged us (Troy and I separately) about ten times, unable to handle the uncertainty of “we’ll be home around 8.”

I’m at a bit of a loss with that boy actually. We had an email from his science teacher today and he’s handed in less than half of the work required to pass the class. Considering it’s apparently due by Friday, that’s a problem. And really, I just don’t understand why, and Nicholai is not offering any illumination on the issue. He’s more than capable – has he deliberately not bothered, done it but not handed it in, just genuinely let it get out of hand accidently…what? With cricket training and shopping we didn’t really get much of a chance to talk about it, so I hope by tomorrow he’s come up with an explanation and a plan for getting it done.

I’m a little frustrated that we’re only hearing about it now though. The school uses that Compass school/parent/student online interface, and it’s supposed to have all their work requirements listed so that parents can check it to see how their kid is doing. We DO check that regularly, but none of the science assignments have been entered onto it so we had no idea that he was so behind. Anyway, we’ll have more of a talk with him tomorrow, although I really have no idea what to say to help motivate him. I think next year we’re going to have to be a bit more active in making him use his planner to help organise himself – he’s going to be in year 9 and there will probably be some higher expectations in regards to homework and assignments.


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