Monday 28th November 2016

Happy birthday Troy! He had a good day, despite me not remembering about it until last night. He had cake at work, and then he and I and the kids all went out for tea at the pub, followed by cake at home. So, it was all nice in th end.

Going out for tea was pretty good. I don’t even know the last time we went to the pub with the kids. Troy’s mum and dad used to take us out to lunch at the pub a lot when Nicholai was little, but since that time it’s been a pretty rare treat honestly. We were the first ones there for dinner, but it was really busy by the time we left. The food was great, and it was really nice going somewhere local since we could just walk there and then walk home.

I had a pretty good day all round really. Since there’s nothing I can currently do on my teacher project I didn’t have that weighing me down, so I did a lot of cleaning and stuff that has been neglected at home. I crocheted a bit and determined that I absolutely do NOT have enough black yarn to finish it off, so I called Ellen and asked her to bring me some extra on the weekend. (Which is so totally convenient, it’s amazing.) The weather was lovely today too, so I went to the park for an hour before I had to be at school and played Pokemon Go. They’re having a double points thing going on for Thanksgiving so we’ve been catching and evolving everything, and today I finally got up to level 25. I know, such an achievement!


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