Sunday 27 November 2016

Tomorrow is Troy’s birthday and I forgot all about it. I am the WORST PERSON EVER. He does so much for me and is so lovely, and I can’t even remember his birthday! Ugh, I feel so bad. And of course I made the kids write out a card, and I can run out in the morning and buy a gift, but it does not change the fact that I suck.

Today was pretty low key. I went to IGA (twice, Troy’s birthday is not the only thing I forgot) but apart from that we just stayed home. The kids had lots of poker chips because they didn’t use any yesterday, so they were happy playing on the Wii and the computer. Jericho and Soren both asked Troy to play with them, so that was nice.

I watched Traffic Cops and crocheted for a while. I’ve finished the coloured part of the granny squares and I’m doing two rounds of black on each one before I join it all together. It’s going to look great, although I’m starting to wonder if the two balls of black I bought is going to be enough – I might have to ask Ellen to buy me some more and bring it to the Christmas party after all.

I feel so sad tonight. I think it’s just the time of year – I always think that I like Christmas (and I do) but I also find the weeks leading up to it leave me an anxiety riddled mess. There is so much to do and too much to worry about, and I spend the whole month prior to Christmas feeling like I’m on the brink of catastrophe. I don’t think the teacher project has helped my state of mind this year either.

I cut Charles the guinea pig’s hair today. With it being so long it gets all matted, so I periodically snip it. He doesn’t like it, so today I suggested Jericho wrap him up into a burrito to make it easier. It did make it easier, and actually the guinea pig liked it so much that even when I was done he stayed in a burrito.


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