Friday 25th November 2016

I just finished my teacher project and my Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn arrived. What a day to be alive.


Well, glad I had that little moment of euphoria. Once the relief of actually writing the thing passed, I just melted into a little puddle of tiredness and tears. I’ve just worked so hard on it and I know that it’s crap and that’s incredibly depressing! But I printed it out and stapled it all together, (it was 17 pages plus 3 pages of observation notes) then shoved it into a folder with the assessment criteria and handed it over to Hayley. I’m now trying to think of it as just a draft – she can make a million corrections and suggestions to me now that I have a framework (however shoddy) to build on, and it can only improve.

I also wrote reports today and emailed them to the principal. So you know, lots of being a grown up going on with me today.

I figured since I was already feeling kind of shitty I may as well just go ahead and buy the t-shirts I need for summer, since buying clothes always makes me feel worse than I did before. So, money spent, self esteem crushed, parcels on the way.

On the bright side, I set up my new phone today and I love it! It’s actually the first time I have got a new electronic device and immediately loved it, and that’s because I backed up the old one and transplanted everything from it to the new one. So the first time I looked at it it already had my regular lock screen picture and background (Pedro and Luna at the pond, it’s an old picture but I can’t bring myself to change it) and all my apps arranged exactly as they were before. It’s like a change, but everything is still the same!

I once tried to resist the Apple juggernaut, but this delightful process of buying a new phone has only ensnared me more deeply in their web. Between that and my love for my Macbook I am never going back.

I’m also really happy that my yarn arrived! That was super quick too – I know it only had to come from Bendigo, but that was still an extremely efficient turn around. I’m really happy with this because last night I finished crocheting the last coloured square for my blanket, and I need the black that was delivered today to do the rest of it! I’m going to do two rows of black around each coloured square and then crochet the squares together and crochet a border (in black) around the whole blanket.

The other yarn I had delivered was some sock yarn (to make a pair for Troy and a pair for me) and some more cotton in blues and grey to make Troy a blanket. I love crocheted cotton blankets so much. This granny square one I’m doing was originally intended for Jericho, since the crocheted blanket I made for him when he was little is not big enough to cover him anymore, and he uses a blanket instead of the doona in summer. However he didn’t really seem to like it that much and I love it, so I gave him the snowflake one I had been using to have on his bed, and I’ll use the granny square one on mine.

We’re going into the city tomorrow to see the windows, post letters to Santa and buy our yearly ornament. It will be the 15th year in a row that I have done this with my babies…who aren’t babies at all anymore!


The first year we were a family of 6 at Christmas time! Nicholai was 7, Emma was 6, Jericho was 3 and Soren was a few weeks off turning 1.


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