Thursday 24th November 2016

Soren is so funny sometimes. We were waiting for Jericho after assembly this afternoon and he was snuggled up on my lap (I love that he is still so snuggly, even in front of the other kids at school sometimes!) while we talked about the award he had just received. He asked me if I was happy that he got one, and I said yes, that I’m very proud of him and it makes me happy to see him working so hard. He then gave me an angelic little smile and said, “I know…I’m just your little joy puff.” I have no idea where he got this little name from, but it totally cracked me up!

He got his award for “always trying to extend his learning in all subjects”, which was lovely. It really is nice getting some validation that I’m raising good people! I was talking at recess with another teacher who is also a mother, and apparently she and her daughter were talking about how much she likes Indonesian and me (awww) and then her daughter was saying how much she likes Soren too (she’s in his class). Apparently she said, “Soren is so nice…he’s not like the other boys. He’s always kind and he never does things to annoy people.” I laughed about him being not like the other boys, which is pretty true because they are a class of ratbags!

Teaching went well this morning. I was definitely impressed with the effort a few of the older kids put in today with their weather forecasts – I think that next year I need to make sure that I try and push those older kids a little bit more, because they ARE capable of rising to the challenge. Especially since next year’s grade 5s and below have all been doing it since they were in prep…I can’t believe I’ve been teaching so long actually.

Once I’d finished teaching I dropped the dog and my stuff off at home and then picked Troy up at the office so we could go and buy my new phone on his lunch break. That took ages – Telstra appeared to have several staff wandering in and out but only one actual salesperson who could put together the contracts.

My new phone is an iPhone 7, and this purchase was prompted mostly by the decision to give my old iPhone to Emma for Christmas.

This Christmas is going to be good for the kids – unlike most years, we’re going to give them each one ‘big’ gift. This came about because we had intended to buy a new game system as a family gift, but after we thought about it we realised it wasn’t a great idea. Nicholai and Emma rarely play on the Wii or the other old systems we have and I never do, so it would have been an incredibly expensive gift basically for Jericho and Soren. And we would have had to buy Nicholai and Emma something special to make up for it, and it was just way too much money.

Then Troy pointed out that we could buy Jericho and Soren each a DS2 for the cost of the game system, and games for that are cheaper than for the big systems. So I was pretty sold on that for those two, but we needed vaguely equivalent gifts for the big kids. We decided to give Nicholai a Polaroid cube, which is a (seriously tiny) video camera for him to take action movies of himself at cricket. (If you can consider the words ‘action’ and ‘cricket’ to be related, I don’t think I can.) For Emma we were looking at an iPod to replace her broken music player, but then it seemed like getting her an iPhone made more sense because it could play her music and also do the photos and videos she wants for Instagram etc. Except even refurbished iPhones cost a lot, so it wasn’t really looking all that possible until we thought about giving her mine, and me getting a new one which will at least be paid off over time on a plan, rather than needing it all upfront like a new one for Emma.

So, it’s a kind of weird state of affairs where Emma is getting a second hand Christmas present, but it’s still worth more money than what the boys are getting. Anyway, that’s all just rambling…basically the kids are going to LOVE what they’re getting and it’s going to be so much fun here on Christmas morning!

Funny thing is that we made the decision about the DS a while ago, even though neither of the boys had asked for one, but after that Jericho came home from camp absolutely desperate for a DS. He’s counted his money a million times, worked out how long he has to save, cried about how long that is, convinced Soren that he wants to go halves in the purchase so they can get one sooner, counted his money again, counted their money based on getting Christmas money and birthday money…I can’t wait to see his face when he unwraps his present on Christmas morning.

And we have bought them the Pokemon sun and moon DS…what could be more perfect for my moonbaby and the sunshine baby???


One thought on “Thursday 24th November 2016

  1. That does sound like an exciting big kid Christmas!! Yaaay I wish I could be a fly on the wall
    I can’t wait to see you all next weekend
    Love Elle xo

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