Wednesday 23 November 2016

I am now hitting the point in the lead up to Christmas where I start getting incredibly anxious every time I see ads or get emails advertising sales because I might be missing out on some great deal. It’s ridiculous- we’ve decided what we’re getting the kids, it’s all budgeted, we’re all good. But no, I literally just get all twitchy and anxious every time I see the word SALE!!! because maybe I’ve got it all wrong and maybe I need to grab this deal and save money or else I’ll miss out forever. It’s exhausting. Maybe for Christmas I need another prescription for Ativan.

Nicholai had a haircut after school today, supervised by Troy to ensure that he actually got a reasonable amount chopped off. This was not what Nicholai wanted at all, but I was sick of his grungy hair and didn’t want him looking like a hobo in Christmas photos, and if that’s shallow then I don’t even care. I’m really glad we made him do it now, because his new haircut looks great! Both Troy and I were really genuine with our compliments to him, and although he still tells us how much he hates having his hair cut I think he is really okay with today’s result.

I have done so much work on my teacher registration project over yesterday and today. It’s a little demoralising to work so hard at something and not feel proud of the result – I’m really not even sure that I’m doing it right. I’m trying to have it finished by the end of the week so that I can give it to Hayley and she can look over it and tell me where we go from here, if I need to redo it or if it’s ready to present to a panel. I really want to get it done, but there aren’t a lot of weeks left in the school year.

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