Monday 21st November 2016

Today was really hot, which was unpleasant to live with but good for drying washing. This matters to me, because the laundry is currently driving me berserk! Omg, it is like the biggest suburban mum whinge ever, but I am so sick of the kids just throwing everything willy-nilly into the laundry and then nagging me because they can’t find any pyjamas! Like…don’t do that! You can wear pyjamas for more than one night! And the windcheater that you wore for five minutes in the morning and then left on the loungeroom floor doesn’t need to be washed either! Honestly, they’ve got no idea. I do laundry basically every single day, and there are still always kids blaming me for their lack of pyjamas/ socks/ tshirts/ school jumpers. They’re supposed to put things that they’ve worn but are still clean in the boxes they each have specifically for this purpose, and then look in the box for clothes before they get new ones out of the drawer. Well, you can imagine how well this works – either they dump everything in the wash immediately and their box stays empty, or else they wear new clothes every day while filling their box to the brim and then empty the whole box into the wash in one hit. Obviously, neither one works for me! I don’t know, it really should not be this difficult!

Okay, I guess I have really strong feelings about laundry today.

The kids were all at school today, since no one was sick! It was lovely. I drove the little boys and then went to the park for a while to read and collect pokeballs. At lunchtime I went with Troy to renew his driver’s license, buy dog food, and have some lunch, which was really nice. Our car air conditioning is much better than our house air conditioning, I will say that.

I also crocheted squares. Lots and lots of crocheting. I am going to love this blanket – there really is a lot to be said for the classic granny square.


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