Sunday 20 November 2016

No one was sick!

Today was a really lazy Sunday. Everyone just kind of did their own thing and it was lovely. Jericho and Soren played with Lego and went on the trampoline and read a lot, as well as having turns on the Wii and the computer. Emma listened to music, played with Jericho and Soren a bit, read, and played the Sims on her computer. Nicholai was invited to the birthday party of the kid he sits next to on the bus, so he walked down to the park to go to that. Troy played on the Wii with Jericho and played Civilisation on his computer, and I crocheted granny squares like a maniac. Overnight the copyright people caught up to the user who had uploaded all the Dance Moms episodes that I was watching so they had all disappeared, so I watched the latest episode of Toddlers and Tiaras and then watched some Traffic Cops…I am such a trash tv person these days, I disgust myself. Well, Traffic Cops is not all that bad I guess!

Really, the only bad thing about the day was the weather, which was hot. Although this did provide the perfect excuse to stay inside with the airconditioner and watch junk on my computer and crochet granny squares, so I can’t complain too much.

Oh, and after I was talking about money yesterday, Troy counted out the coins in the coin box and has bagged up $180 in coins to change into plastic money, so that’s a delightfully unexpected bonus.


The cat clearly thought it was too hot as well. I found him lying like this on our bed, and he didn’t move while I put the washing away and then went and got my phone and took this photo.


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