Thursday 17 November 2016

So much for the boys feeling better! After improving all afternoon and even eating a normal dinner yesterday they went to bed, and I did all my teaching planning since I would be able to be at school today. But just after 5am this morning a very sad Soren crawled into my bed and told us that he’d just been sick all over his bed again. Twenty minutes later Jericho woke up and threw up too, so they were both off school again and I stayed home to look after them.

Jericho was only sick the one time and seemed to feel fine the rest of the day, albeit a very cranky kind of fine. Soren threw up everything he tried until around lunchtime, but has kept down some gastrolyte, an icy pole and some soup since then. I hope he’s over it now – he’ll have tomorrow off school regardless, since until tonight’s soup (so far!) he hasn’t kept anything down since Monday and he’s looking very pinched and pale and tired.

Soren being sick just reminds me that he’s my baby though. He’s a big boy now, but when’s he’s sick he’s still little enough to climb into our bed and feel better because I’m next to him. He still fits in my arms like he’s supposed to be there.

He made me laugh a little bit later though. He was on the couch feeling sick and sad, and I asked him if he needed anything. He told me he needed company, and when I asked him what kind of company he said in a tiny voice, “Yours.” I was sitting in the armchair at the time, and I pretty much could have reached out and touched him with my foot where he was on the couch, but he wanted me to sit right next to him to do my crochet. So of course I did.

Nicholai continues to blame me for all the ills of his world. I never knew what a terrible parent I was…aren’t I lucky to have a teenager to point out all my faults?


One thought on “Thursday 17 November 2016

  1. I really hope everyone feels better tomorrow. At least with a hot day your washing would of dried quickly.
    Can’t wait to see you all soon
    Love Elle xo

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