Wednesday 16th November 2016

Jericho threw up last night, so that’s three kids who have gone down with this bug. I’ve got to give the kid credit where it’s due though – he managed to lean over the rail from the top bunk and puke into the bucket on the floor below without making any mess at all. Seriously, he aimed it from about six feet up in the semi-dark…he’s got ninja skills. Disgusting skills, but ninja-like all the same.

Soren was still sick last night, so he had a second day off school. He was sick first thing this morning, but that was the last of it for him. Jericho is blessed with a resilient stomach when it comes to stomach bugs, so he only threw up once and just felt better after that. So after a quiet morning watching tv, the two of them were pretty much bouncing off the walls this afternoon, and so it really felt quite fortunate that they were both sick together and could entertain each other.

I worked on my teacher registration project again today, kind of slowly and extremely laboriously. I’m getting through it, but I’m finding it far more difficult than schoolwork ever was. Part of this is probably just that I’m out of practise, but part of it could also be because of the slightly dulling effect the medication I’m on can have. I talked about it with the psychiatrist the other day – it’s the trade off for keeping my brain on an even keel, and there’s not much to do about it but learn to live with it.

It’s totally a reaction to the stress of this project, but I have become obsessed with crocheting granny squares. I started my first one on Monday, and it’s now Wednesday and I have a pile of ten of them. When I’m feeling stressed and incompetent with the project that I’m supposed to be doing, it’s very soothing to do create something that I feel confident and happy with. So, crocheted granny squares it is. Soren laid them all out on the floor earlier too, and they are going to make a beautiful blanket.


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