Monday 14 November 2016

I had a stressful day today, trying to tackle my teacher registration project. I was not confident going in to it, and working on it for a few hours today hasn’t really helped any – I’ve lost some of my notes, and the whole thing still seems overwhelming. However, at least I’ve made a start on it now. And honestly, either they pass me or they don’t, and I either keep teaching or I don’t.

Emma finished yesterday off by throwing up, so she was home from school today. She spent the morning huddled on the couch under a blanket and watching Pitch Perfect, and the afternoon playing on her computer in her room with a bucket on her lap. She felt a bit better by late afternoon and ate a little bit of tea, which hasn’t come back up, but she’ll still be home tomorrow.

I did some crocheting this afternoon, using some of the cotton I had leftover from my rainbow blanket and making a traditional granny square. It’s very repetitive, soothing craftwork really, which was just what I needed. I enjoyed it – I think I might just use up all that cotton making more squares and then stitch them together for a blanket.


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