Sunday 13 November 2016

I had a lovely day out with Troy today, watching UFC 205. It was the first time in New York and there were three title fights, so it was a pretty good card. It was long though – we got to the hotel at around 11.30 to watch the preliminaries and it wasn’t over until after 5.30. We sat on the couch to watch, since that’s right in front of the screen and comfortable to knit on, and with the fights going so long I got a lot done on my latest pair of socks.

The kids stayed at Steve and Jean’s for the day. Nicholai finished clearing out the gutters, which he started doing last weekend, and Emma baked them all cupcakes for afternoon tea while Soren and Jericho just messed around. Elroy and Otis were there for the afternoon too, so they helped look after them. They all said they had a good day.

Troy took them over early so that we had time to go shopping before the fights. We’ve been talking about Christmas recently and have ordered a few little things off ebay, so once the kids were gone we actually wrote a list of what we have, what’s on order, and what we still want to get. I hate getting all stressed about Christmas and I really like to spread the cost out as much as possible, so I’d much rather organise things early. It also means I can shop online instead of in actual stores, and have plenty of time for things to be posted. So we wrote the list, and then went to EB Games to get a few things to cross off it – I think the kids are going to be happy this year.

I really, really, think I’m no good at parenting teenagers. I just get so aggravated by everything! I know that everyone says “pick your battles” when it comes to dealing with kids, but how do I know which battle to pick? How do I know what is worth the arguments and what isn’t?


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