Saturday 12 November 2016

I finished my green Valley of Lilies blanket today and it’s beautiful! I have never knitted a blanket before, only crocheted them, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I’ve said before I wish it was made of nicer yarn, but this acrylic is a lovely colour, quite soft and not at all scratchy, so it’s still good. It’s a really nice pattern actually, and I’d consider making another one some time if I had a particular baby in mind.

I started some socks once the blanket was done. Troy and I are going out tomorrow to watch UFC 205, and I wanted something to take with me. Socks are probably the most convenient knitting to take with me, especially since I’m planning on doing a simple garter rib and don’t need a pattern.

Apart from industriously knitting, today was a pretty lazy Saturday. Nicholai had cricket, but no one else did very much. It was the first day of the cricket so it will continue next week, but Nicholai’s team are set up to win it so he was very happy.

The guinea pig hutch blew over in the wind today. Fortunately Soren was outside and saw it happen, so he ran in to get some help right away. The guinea pigs were fine, although obviously very scared, and the hutch was a little wonky but not too broken. I’m really glad we attached mesh to the floor of it though – the hutch came without it, but I was a little concerned about this very thing happening, since is is a bit top heavy. So we bought a square of wire mesh from Bunnings and attached it with cable ties to the bottom of the hutch, so that if it should fall over the guinea pigs would still be contained.

It was warm yesterday and humid today. Ugh, summer is really coming.


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