Friday 11th November 2016

Jericho is back home from camp, safe and sound. He had a really good time and was really happy and excited to tell us all about it and show us the things he brought home with him.

I spent the day up at the school helping with puppets, although it was a tiny and very quiet school – with the 3/4 grades on camp and the 5/6 grades away at a sports’ day we only had the foundation/1/2 kids there. It felt really strange, although when I thought about it this was the kind of school we signed up for! We enrolled Nicholai in a school with 38 students, we had no idea that before he left it would grow to almost a hundred.

Because there were no other grades there, the two junior classes were able to work on their puppets for most of the day. Angie set up her things on the deck outside the junior room and the kids brought out their puppets and she worked out what they still needed doing to them. She touched up a lot of paint on faces, just adding in things like outlines to the mouths and eyes to make them stand out more, that kind of thing, and the puppets are starting to look pretty great. I spent most of the day yanking newspaper and aluminium foil out of the papier mache heads with a pair of pliers, and then hotgluing anything that needed it – I glued heads to gloves and hands to gloves, I glued on hair and eyes and clothes and glued in sticks for the kids to use to manipulate their puppets. I also helped the kids make some hands for their puppets, using this paper clay stuff which was awesome. It was so light and easy to squish into shape, I want to buy some and play with it at home by myself.

I also made a wreath for the Remembrance Day ceremony, mainly from lavender and roses since that’s what we got out of the school garden! It did smell good though. The kids did such a good job with the ceremony, since as the seniors were gone it was only the little ones to run it. They read some poems and stories, then they laid the wreaths and stood beautifully for the minute’s silence, then sang the national anthem without any musical backing – it was really good.

I saw the results of Soren’s online testing, and he has done SO well. My kids are all just so damn smart! It’s funny in a way, because it’s really only when we see results like these, that directly compare to their peers rather than compare to their siblings, that we realise just how well they are succeeding at school. I think my expectations for them are high too, not necessarily in terms of results but certainly in terms of the effort and behaviour I expect from them at school. We have always been told that our kids are lovely to have in a classroom, that they are respectful and kind, and are good listeners and active learners. I admit I love hearing that, but I also think (both as a parent and as a teacher) that it shouldn’t be exceptional – most children are completely capable of that and should be doing it. Anyway, I’m really proud of Soren. He was slower than the others to find his feet and his confidence academically, but he is absolutely flying now and it’s all because of his own effort. I honestly look forward to seeing what he does as he gets older.


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