Thursday 10th November 2016

It was a quiet day at school today, with nearly all of the grade three and four kids away at camp. Apparently they are having a good time – if I want to see pictures I need to go on facebook, so I guess I’ll wait on that.

My teaching went reasonably well. I kept some of the seniors in at recess when they hadn’t finished their work, and it’s remarkable how something that they have failed to complete in the fifty minutes they’ve had to work on it miraculously gets done in five minutes when it’s their recess time on the line.

There’s another student teacher up at the school, who will be in Jericho’s class for the next three weeks. Honestly he seems very good, but something I have noticed a lot of (and that bothers me) is the way that any man doing primary teaching is praised twice as much for doing what female teachers/ student teachers do every day. I realise it’s a very heavily dominated profession at this time, and I do think it’s good for children to see both men and women in the role, but that doesn’t mean that just because a teacher is a man that his presence in the school is more valuable. I mean, we’ve had heaps of relief teachers up at the school and it’s always very much appreciated and lots of thanks, but there’s a man who has just started doing it and he is praised to the skies. Maybe he deserves it, but the fact is that no one waits to see how good they are – a man walks into a school ready to teach and he is lauded as a godsend before he even says goodmorning to the children.

It’s quiet at home without Jericho. I thought Soren might miss him, but he honestly just seems to be enjoying himself being on his own. He was also absolutely delighted when we went to the oval after school and he got to collect the pokestop (it was our 2000th pokestop!), catch the pokemon, and then battle in this gym, all without Jericho snatching the phone or trying to tell him how to do it. He thought it was even better when the two of us defeated all the yellow team pokemon and took over the gym for blue, especially since he’s never done that before.


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