Wednesday 9th November 2016

It’s 4pm and for the first time all day I had a chance to get on the computer and check the US election results.

Trump is winning.

I thought it had to be wrong, that there was no way that it would fall that way. Hillary Clinton is a good candidate, even if you didn’t necessarily agree with her policies you couldn’t argue with the fact that she has the background, the qualifications, and the experience to do the job. And Trump is a joke. But a joke that’s turning out to be not at all funny, because he’s going to win, and God help American after that because he sure as hell isn’t going to.

It’s not even my country and I feel sick over it. I couldn’t even stop the tears, because what this says about people breaks my heart. That so many people, in one of the biggest and most privileged countries on the planet, chose to vote with hate and fear and ignorance rather than vote with hope and compassion is a travesty. And it makes me sad down to the core of my being.


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