Tuesday 8th November 2016

I had a fun Pokemon Go day today. I went to the park for a while before I had to pick the boys up, and it was like the game was on steroids – there were fun pokemon everywhere, and all the pokestops were giving me six or seven items at a time. Since I had actually gone to the park mostly to collect pokeballs from the pokestops, this was excellent. It was so good that Jericho and Soren and I stopped at the park for a while on the way home from school so they could play too. We caught one new one and evolved one new one, so it really was a successful day. We still have 40 pokemon that we haven’t caught or evolved, but considering that we started with 149 that’s still pretty good.

We got Jericho packed for camp tonight, which involved a lot of writing of names on clothes. Half the things he is taking already had Nicholai’s initials in them, so obviously he took them to camp too. Although Nicholai would have taken these clothes to year 7 camp, not grade 4! Jericho is really excited about camp, which has been really lovely to see. It’s a pretty short camp, since they’ll be home on Friday, but it will still feel really strange at home to be down to three kids.

I found out the classroom breakdown for next year. They are having a foundation/grade 1 class, a 2/3 class (which will be Soren’s class), and two 4/5/6 classes (one of which will be Jericho’s). This will be better for Indonesian, although we’re losing a class and so I’ll lose half an hour of work. And I have to admit that the 2/3 class is going to be so difficult. They’re difficult now, and next year it will be the same kids plus an extra seven or so. So it will be both challenging behaviourally, and a big class to boot. They haven’t assigned teachers yet. I know who I want for the boys, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


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