Monday 7th November 2016

Sometimes when my kids are talking to me I legitimately have no idea what they’re saying. It’s like they’re speaking some foreign language or something, but then it turns out that they’re actually just talking about some show they saw on tv.

Omg, chickens are so dumb. I just went out to put ours away, and I took a piece of bread with me so that once they’d followed me into the coop I could give it to them. However, while I was walking along and kind of mindlessly breaking the bread up in my hands I dropped a piece. One of the chickens snatched it up, and then instead of following me into the coop she ran away, which made the other three chickens chase her all over the yard even though they didn’t know what was going on! Even when the bread was gone they kept running in random directions, acting like they were completely lost and couldn’t possibly find the way to where they were supposed to be! In the end I got two of them to follow me so I could shut them in, and then I had to chase the remaining two chickens all over the yard until I could catch them and put them in by hand. Very dignified.

I slept in this morning and finally felt good when I woke up, after dealing with that stomach bug for the past week. And while I should have taken advantage of feeling healthy and rested by catching up on housework, I decided to spend my time knitting on the green blanket instead. It’s looking so pretty, I really wish it was made out of some luxurious yarn instead of acrylic, but I have to work with what I’ve got. I’m on the second last ball of yarn too, so the end is in sight! It’s that point in a project where I start thinking about what I’m going to make next and getting kind of impatient to finish and start something new.

I did do a lot of laundry today as well, since that is a job that NEVER EVER ENDS. Considering my children’s aversion to bathing and washing their hair, they are astonishingly insistant about wearing clean clothes every day and night! And now that we’ve handed down all the summer stuff, I don’t even know who owns what anymore, which complicates the sorting process quite a bit.

Our internet is still rubbish. Troy bought me an adaptor so that I can plug my computer in and bypass the wireless in case that was the problem, but it’s not, it’s our actual internet connection. I want to write sternly worded letters of complaint to iinet, who are clearly not holding up their end of the deal whereby we give them money and they give us internet.

Ha ha, I actually was bitching about this to Troy and was all “I’m going to complain to them! Except…I can’t, because our internet isn’t working!”


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