Saturday 5 November 2016

I spent a while today pretending we could take Troy’s leave entitlements in cash and run away and start a new life. I’ve checked out how much we need for caravans and holidays, and how much house we would get in various other locations around the country if we sold ours. We’d certainly do well if we moved somewhere more rural, or to a regional city. Not that I actually want to move or anything, but it’s always quite fun to pretend!

Nicholai had cricket this morning, but scored no runs and his team lost, so he was a little bit gloomy about that. He was also caught sneaking time on his electronics AGAIN this afternoon. Clearly taking them away from him is not enough of a deterrant, so as a consequence we gave him a pair of secaturs and told him he had to cut back the bushes growing over the steps down from the deck. He certainly did a thorough job, I’ll give him that – I guess he took his outrage over the punishment out on the plants.

He’s lost all his electronics in his room over this though. He can use his computer out in the family room, and that’s pretty much it. It’s harsh, but as we said to him it’s honestly a matter of trust – when he breaks this particular rule at every single opportunity, how can we trust him to be doing the right thing and obeying the rules in other circumstances? It’s frustrating, but I do think he’s basically a good kid and I am not prepared to just throw my hands up in the air and give up because it’s difficult.

Soren seems to be enjoying his weekend, which is lovely. Soren is generally so placid and adaptable, I sometimes wonder how on earth he manages it in this family of neurotics. He plays with Jericho a lot, but he is also happy to be on his own, and in his own quiet way he is maintaining his sense of self and not letting Jericho control him. Given Jericho’s personality, this isn’t the easiest of lines for Soren to walk, and I do try to keep an eye on what goes on between the two of them.

Emma has a friend over tonight. She’s only met this girl kind of recently, and they’ve bonded over their mutual love of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, so she’s invited her to sleep over and have a Harry Potter movie marathon. The girl is adorable, but together she and Emma are maniacs so it’s been interesting, to say the least.


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