Friday 4 November 2016

Sometimes the kids’ opinions on things can be so funny. I was half listening to Jericho and Soren talk about music in the car, when Soren said, “Yeah, but you have to have real talent to play an accordion.” He just sounded so definite about it, and so dismissive of all the talentless musicians playing instruments other than accordions!

I think I have a mild kind of stomach bug. I’ve just felt sick all day, so even though I didn’t have anything I had to do (no puppets) it still wasn’t a great day. It was also quite hot, which was a depressing reminder that summer is pretty much here.

I did a lot of blanket knitting though, since I felt too blah to do anything else in particular. This is the green blanket I started way back in May, and that I keep casting aside in favour of knitting socks and puppet outfits. It’s a blanket for donation, so I haven’t felt any real inspiration to finish it, but I’ve decided it’s time to take it seriously and get it done. I’ll try and get it done by mid Novemberish, as it’s a beautiful green blanket and would be a lovely gift for a new Christmas baby.

Troy checked out all his leave entitlements at work today, and he has twenty three and a half weeks of annual leave and long service leave built up, plus ten weeks of personal and sick leave. No wonder he is stressed at work, since he clearly never takes any time away from it! I really don’t know that it would make any difference to his stress levels in the long run, but today the idea of quitting his job and being able to take over half a year off before he’d have to get a new one seemed pretty appealing.


2 thoughts on “Friday 4 November 2016

  1. I think the green blanket is beautiful and a baby will be very lucky to have it.
    Cam is due long service leave in around 18 months and we spend all our time dreaming of not working and traveling somewhere!!

    • Planning all the things we *could* do with that leave time is probably more fun than we’ll ever have actually using it. With the way things are with the business it isn’t as though Troy can really take it anyway…it’s all so frustrating, honestly.
      I like this blanket too, and the bright green colour seems so Christmassy to me. I wish it was made with better yarn, but you can’t beat $2 a ball for something that you don’t even know if the recipient will really love!

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