Thursday 3rd November 2016

I thought cats were supposed to like playing with yarn? My ball of yarn just rolled about thirty centimetres across the floor and Ootchy Mootchy jumped by a mile and fled the room with his fur all standing on end with fright.

Nemesis, the other cat, got himself locked in with the chickens overnight. He has recently started taking naps in their nesting boxes, clearly finding all that hay very comfortable to snooze on, but being dark he kind of blends into the shadows of early evening when we go out there to lock the chickens away. So we missed him the other day, finding him shut in there about 5am the next morning when the chickens were going crazy.

I’m still feeling pretty tired and kind of dragging since the weekend. So I wasn’t super enthusiastic about teaching this morning, although I had some good activities planned. Unfortunately they shifted puppetry to today instead of having it tomorrow like normal (there’s a junior school sports day tomorrow) and since the puppets were set up in the Indo room I couldn’t teach in there. So I had to move from room to room, which reminded me of why I love being able to stay in one place in the Indo room so much!

It also meant I missed out on helping with the puppets, although honestly I’m not sure that that is really such a sadness.

Jericho’s teacher has given me the name of a local(ish) psychologist. I asked her last Friday, when I was at the school doing puppets, about having him referred to the school psychology service. The psychologist was actually at the school that day, so Hayley grabbed her at recess and asked her about Jericho. The school psychologist said to refer him, but she also said that the service was really overloaded and understaffed (as everything always is) and that while she would be able to do an anxiety assessment on him his chances of ongoing help are probably not very good, since he doesn’t have significant behaviour problems. Her suggestion was to go outside the Education department, so Hayley gave me the name of a psychologist that another parent has used and liked and we can set that up ourselves.

I’m glad that we got an answer, but I’m dreading the process. We have to go through the GP for a referral under the mental health plan to get the maximum rebate, so that’s going to be fun. Not to mention having to actually explain the situation to Jericho. I mean, he’s so hypercritical of himself that no matter how we present it to him he is going to hear, “There’s something wrong with you”, so there will be that even before the actual stress of him having to go and talk to a stranger.

Our internet is also working only intermittently. I suppose it’s just teaching me a lesson for complaining about it being slow the other week – at least then it was doing something.

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