Tuesday 1 November 2016

It’s my Emma’s birthday today, and my baby girl is thirteen. I kept saying it to myself today, trying to make it seem real…how is it possible that it’s been thirteen years since I first held that little one in my hands when I remember it so clearly that it feels like yesterday?

There is so much I want to say about her, but it’s one of those times when the words aren’t enough. I don’t know how to say how amazing she is, how strong and brave and smart and beautiful and compassionate she is. I am so proud of her for the way she has handled a life that has dealt her some difficult hands. I am so grateful for the gift of her in my life, and feel so privileged to see the magic of her growth into the person she is today.

There will never, ever, be words enough to describe how much I love her.

Happy birthday Emmanuella Kim.

And here are a million photos because it’s her birthday and she’s beautiful!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday 1 November 2016

  1. Happy birthday Emma!!!
    Rebecca I remember her in Daylesford so
    Much on that little bear beanie and that one on the slides is when you came and visited us when Skyla was born!!!
    I hope she had a lovely day, she really is a gorgeous girl!! Honestly she is looking more and more like you. I love her
    Love ell xoxo

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