Monday 31st October 2016

I hate days like today. I just feel so low, and even though I know it’s only because I’m tired and dismal after a busy and stressful weekend, it’s still hard.

Jericho and Soren didn’t have school today. With the Melbourne Cup day holiday tomorrow, most years half the school is missing as people take it off for a four day weekend. So the teachers decided to take the report writing curriculum day today, since there wouldn’t really be any teaching anyway.

Nicholai and Emma went to school, which they were less than impressed about! It was a bit of a waste of a day really, since there were heaps of kids away there as well. They combined the kids that were there into classes and did some activities and stuff – Emma didn’t seem to mind too much when she was telling me about it.

Really, I wish they had all gone to school. My day involved the masses of washing that results from the weekend at Licola, and having to deal with cranky children at the same time really wasn’t fun.

I spent some time watching Toddlers and Tiaras and finishing my latest pair of socks though, which made me happy. They’re pretty good, although it’s definitely another example of me buying variegated yarn because I love how it looks in the skein and then liking it a whole lot less when I actually knit it up.

Tomorrow is a holiday for everyone, so the whole family will be home. It is also my Emmanuella’s thirteenth birthday…I don’t even know how my heart can hold all my feelings about that.


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