Tuesday 25th October 2016

I wore my new 3/4 length pants today. They are bright pink – possibly TOO bright, considering how horribly conspicuous I felt while wearing them when I picked the boys up. I think I’m too old for flouro pants, I might have to pass them along to Emma.

Sometimes being an adult is really difficult. Not because of pants, but because of jobs and careers and financial responsibilities and planning for the future. Troy has been very stressed by work this year, and it’s really starting to take a toll I think. So we had a big discussion about all that today, which was kind of depressing and made me incredibly anxious and stressed out.

Not that I blame Troy at all if he’s having a crisis. God knows I have been an existential mess recently. Despite having not actually had my birthday yet this year, I am already having issues with the idea that next year I am going to turn forty. I don’t know, I didn’t even blink when I turned thirty, but I think forty is going to break me. Every time I even think about it I start panicking about my imminent death, which I know is utterly ridiculous, but obviously I’m not really thinking all that rationally about this!

Emma was really happy when she came home from school today. Because she did the Premier’s Reading Challenge she took part in a special assembly where all the participants got certificates, and since she read so many books as part of it she also received a $15 giftcard to the cinema and a free book. They also had food, which makes everything worthwhile as far as Emma is concerned.

I made the body for Soren’s puppet this afternoon. I sincerely hope that when I am helping other children up at the school they are both more forthcoming about their vision and less critical about my (somewhat lacking) skills in making that vision reality.



One thought on “Tuesday 25th October 2016

  1. I hope things start going more smoothly for Troy and he starts feeling better and great job Em!!! She’s a little superstar. Don’t worry about freaking out about getting older. I do too sometimes!!!!
    Love you,
    Elle xoxo

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