Monday 24th October 2016

Benita, Cam and the kids came to visit yesterday and stayed last night and it was lovely! It was so good to have visitors that it was even worth the crappy nights sleep I had on the couch! They arrived just after lunch on Sunday and we mostly just hung out at home. Sullivan was very impressed with Jericho and Soren’s collection of Lego and weaponry, and Winnie has Emma wrapped around her little finger so she had fun too. Dempsey seemed to think it was great that we had a dog inside for him to pet, and apart from that he just liked walking around and smiling at everyone.

Dempsey is the cutest baby in the world. I wanted to keep him. I asked Jericho and Soren on the way home from school today if they thought we had room in our lives for a lovely baby and they said we did, and Jericho suggested his name should be Simon. I somehow don’t think their dad would agree with their assessment, ha ha ha!

They stayed last night, and it seemed easiest to put all of them in our room and have Troy and I take the lounge. Sullivan and Winnie slept on the little camp beds and although Dempsey had his port-a-cot he ended up sleeping in bed anyway. It worked out pretty well though, it meant our kids just went to bed like normal (which they had to, because they had to get up for school this morning) and settling their kids probably went better with them in one room than it would have if they were having a sleepover in a room with the big kids.

Ben and Cam and the kids came when I dropped Jericho and Soren off at school, so they could have a little look around. This also filled in time until the chocolate factory opened at 9am, since that was our next stop! I went with them and ate a brownie which left my stomach feeling like it was going to explode, but was very delicious all the same. The kids were just cute and adorable! And funny, I laughed a lot when Benita pointed out to them that they could watch people making chocolates through the window and Winnie took one look and then looked straight back at the bowls of sample chocbuds she’d just come from, saying, “Yeah…let’s go back to eating!”

Apart from it being delicious, the chocolate brownie also had the advantage of making me so stuffed that when I went to Costco (after saying goodbye to our visitors in the chocolate factory carpark) I was not tempted by anything and so I was able to do my shopping and leave without buying cookies or snakes or cinnamon rolls or giant marshmallows. So that was a singular experience.

By the time I got home I was so tired I couldn’t even put the shopping away. The rest of the day has been nothing more than a herculean effort to keep my eyes open.


One thought on “Monday 24th October 2016

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time with all the Martins and the photos look so cute!! Have a blissful sleep tonight
    Love Elle xo

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