Friday 21st October 2016

I can’t believe it’s Friday again already, and we’re nearly at the end of October. I’m so glad that it’s the weekend though, I’m really tired and kind of desperate to catch up on some extra sleep.

I spent a lot of time up at the school today, because of the puppet program. I really don’t know about all that – I’m sure that the teachers and the kids will manage to pull it all together in the end, but the process has been quite confusing. And if I’m confused, when I’m an adult and I sit through each lesson twice (once with Jericho and once with Soren), I can only imagine how the kids feel! However they have started to develop the stories they are going to perform and the characters that their puppets are going to need to represent, so that’s a step forward. There is going to be a puppet making workshop on Wednesday to sort out bodies for the kids’ puppets, so I’m going to take my sewing machine and bags of fabric up to school and join in with that.

Emma played hockey for school today, and she had a great time. They played and lost three games, but she said it was really fun and they got a lot better with each game. We had bought her a hockey bag for her birthday but decided to give it to her early so she could use it today. It’s purple, so she was happy with it. I’m happy with it because it will keep her stick, shin guards and mouthguard all in one place instead of being strewn around my kitchen for the duration of the hockey season like it was this year.

Jericho did the higher level literacy test today and scored in the 94th percentile for year seven, which was rather clever of him considering he’s actually in grade four. He was definitely proud of himself, which he should be – he even sent me a text from his teacher’s phone to tell me his result. I told him that I was proud of him for his result, and also proud of him because he decided to go ahead and give the test a try even though he felt intimidated. I am really happy that he was able to work through his anxiety about this and have that measure of success at the end. He needs to know how bright and intelligent he is, and he also needs to know that he CAN do things that scare him and that we will all praise the effort as much as any result.

I brought two extra boys home from school this afternoon, which made for a pretty noisy house. Unfortunately it was raining and everyone was stuck inside, although they managed to entertain themselves pretty well with electronics. I really suck at arranging playdates for the kids, so at least I’ve done this one for Jericho and Soren and I can stop feeling guilty about it for a while.


Some puppy love at school with Luna and Angus


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