Thursday 20 October 2016

I spent an hour and a half this afternoon working with Jericho to create a basic body for his puppet and it was horrible. I feel like my spirit is huddled up in the foetal position, crying quietly in a corner. He just makes it so hard. He’s desperate for it to be ‘good’, and nothing is good enough for him. I don’t know whether working on things with him helps him, or reinforces his belief that he ‘can’t do it’. It didn’t help today that Soren got really upset because we haven’t really done anything about his puppet and he felt like Jericho was getting all the attention. Unfortunately this was actually true, but as I explained to Soren we could work on Jericho’s puppet because I have talked with his teacher and we know what the performance story is going to be, so we could dress his puppet accordingly. Soren’s teacher has been sick, so we need to wait for her to come back and choose the storyline for their performance so we can decide how to dress Soren’s puppet. Soren understood and accepted this, but he really had been so upset that I still felt awful about it.

Bloody puppets. If I ever think that a school project like this sounds fun and I should help with it I hope someone hits me over the head and stops me.

Emma will get to play hockey for the school tomorrow. Originally they didn’t have enough people, but the girls who had signed up went around and basically badgered all their friends until they pulled together a team. Although they had training today, and Emma is the only one who has actually played hockey and knows the rules. And that includes the coach.

Teaching was a little frustrating this morning. We were doing a game, and they tend not to take those seriously and just mess around. I can understand it, but the fact is that the games are chosen deliberately as a learning tool, and either they actually play the games properly and learn what I need them to, or we don’t do games at all.

The little kids practised their Lima Monyet song and made monkey masks, which they will wear when they perform at assembly. It’s going to be adorable.


3 thoughts on “Thursday 20 October 2016

  1. Sometimes Zo gets a little like I imagine Jericho is when she’s doing something creative – if it doesn’t work properly the first time she’s instantly frustrated and won’t do it.

      • If it helps, he can come have a creative day with me – I’m trying to show Zoe that even an error can be turned into something of value, and that searching for perfection will just ruin the sheer pleasure of creation.

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