Wednesday 19th October 2016

I just finished my second two puppets. They are adorable! Much cuter than the first two I did, since these ones have smaller eyes and their heads and faces are much less wonky. I don’t think I’ll make any more (I don’t actually know what I’m going to do with the four I already have) but they are really fun to do. These ones are called Seaweed and Juniper. I still have to do the strings on them to make them actual puppets, as opposed to just weird looking dolls, but I think I have to look up instructions for that part.

I did a lot of exercise today. I rode the exercise bike in the morning and went for a walk with Jean in the afternoon, and a walk with Troy after dinner, so that was all good. I have to admit that I’ve really struggled to keep working on losing weight since stopping Lite and Easy. I haven’t regained any, I’ve actually lost a tiny bit more, (and that’s good, obviously) but I still have so far to go. And it’s not going to happen without some real effort in regards to what I eat and how often I move.

I find it a difficult topic to talk about actually, even though it kind of preys on my mind quite a lot. I think I find it embarrassing, because weight is such a loaded issue – I struggle a lot to not think about being overweight as being a personal failing on my part. Saying “I am trying to lose weight and not being very successful at it” really feels like I’m saying to myself that I’m lazy and unmotivated and have no self-discipline. Which is really pretty harsh, and certainly no reflection of how I feel about other people!

Anyway, while I am eating too many snacks I’m actually eating better overall. Breakfast is cereal and yoghurt (cereal is weighed out), and most lunchtimes I make up a plate with a combination of some of – carrots/ cucumber/ fresh fruit/ dried fruit/ nuts/ egg/ wholegrain crackers. Tea is tea, whatever, I could do better there.

Two things I have found helpful in my efforts recently have been weighing my cereal (a ‘serve’ is actually much less than you’d think) and weighing myself every morning. I had my doubts about that, since it seems like inviting trouble for someone as generally obsessive about things as I am, but it’s been good to keep reminding me to try and watch my eating, and seeing the numbers and how they fluctuate every single day kind of takes away their power to sting. I also use the Hello Kitty divided plate for my lunch – vegetables in the biggest space, fresh fruit in the next one, crispbread or pretzels in the next one down, and nuts/egg in the smallest space. It’s pretty effective for helping with portion size.

And all this is so boring! I hate talking about weight and diet and exercise, and here I am rambling on about it. Blah. I think I’ll stop now.

This will probably gross dad out, but here is Luna helping with the dishes after spag bol yesterday, lol.

This will probably gross dad out, but here is Luna helping with the dishes after spag bol yesterday, lol.


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