Tuesday 18th October 2016

I just went and took Nicholai’s ipad away from him, since he was using it when he was in bed and supposed to be asleep. I found him out because our internet started going really slowly and when I looked around for a cause, what did I see but something missing from ipad jail… I went to his room and asked him where his ipad was, and he very reluctantly handed it down to me from the top bunk.

It makes me so mad! And honestly, I really don’t know what to do about his continual disobedience with this. Do I just throw up my hands and say that it’s impossible to enforce and so he may as well do whatever he wants? Or do we just crack down even harder? I don’t know. I mean, we’ve given him plenty of chances, but he just continues to break the rules at every opportunity!

Now I’m actually too irritated by that to remember what I was going to write about! Today had some crazy weather, it poured with rain and there was a hailstorm, all interspersed with periods of brilliant sunshine. I knitted more things for my puppets and did house stuff – not exciting.

I spoke with Jericho’s teacher this afternoon. They’re doing that online testing again, and she wanted to tell us that she scored his test (which was the grade 5 one rather than the grade 4 one anyway) and he aced it. She said she’d really like to actually see where he was (as opposed to just ‘above this level’) and she asked him if he’d be willing to try the year 7 test. We both reassured him that it would be just for fun and there was absolutely no pressure on him, and that part of it was just to help his teacher know what else she could be teaching him, and he said he’d consider it. It would be good if he did, his anxiety makes the testing process very stressful for him, and it’s been difficult in the past to actually find out what his level is. With tests that continue on until you reach the level of your ability, his teacher has generally had him go through it until he’s reached a level above what is expected, but not pushed him too far beyond that because he gets so anxious. It would be really great if he gave it a go this time, just to have that experience and begin to realise that these tests are about finding out what he knows, not about making him feel like a failure.

Emma has signed up to play school hockey on Friday, but they still need four girls to make up a team. I’m really hoping that they get them! She loves her hockey and I think she’s missed playing, and it would be great for her to have a chance to play with some new girls and play for the school.


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