Sunday 16th October 2016

Troy and I went for a walk after dinner, just the two of us and the dog. We left the children home with Jericho and Soren reading (supposedly) and Nicholai and Emma dealing with the tea dishes. It was so nice, and it’s the kind of thing that we just haven’t been able to do while the kids were all so young. I mean, we have attempted going on walks as a family at various times, but by the time you wrangle prams and dogs and toddlers who stop every two steps to look at something and older kids who need a piggyback and even older children who won’t stop whining about the indignity of being made to walk…it never seems worth the effort. So I really liked doing that this evening and think we should do it more often.

Nicholai won’t like it – he was less than impressed with being asked to do the dishes. He is astonishingly combative about doing chores. Astonishing because really, we don’t ask the kids to do very much and so I can’t believe he makes such a huge deal about having to do so little! He has to make his lunch for school, put his washing away, and clean the kids’ bathroom every second weekend, and that’s it. Hardly hard labour in the gulag! So I really don’t think having to wash dishes occasionally is going to damage him.

It was a pretty lazy day today. Well, apart from Troy, who went out and dug over the chicken coop and cleaned out the nesting boxes and replaced the hay and fixed their perch again. I did a lot of knitting for puppets (a sweater and a pair of pants for my puppet called Seaweed, and a black knitted beanie for Jericho’s puppet named Pedro) and watching shows about nightmare neighbours on youtube. The kids entertained themselves in their rooms, out on the trampoline, playing on the computer and ipad later…they really do like having unstructured time on the weekends. Well, Emma and Jericho and Soren do. Nicholai has real trouble finding things to do that don’t involve his computer and the internet, and is unfortunately very vocal about that fact.


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