Saturday 15th October 2016

I am so fed up with slow and unreliable internet! I realise in the grand scheme of things this is a totally minor problem, but in the moment it is absolutely infuriating. I am completely over not being able to watch anything on youtube half the time without spending the approximate length of the video on buffering. I’m really pissed off with the fact that as soon as more than one person tries to do anything on the internet at the same time, it starts going so slowly that half the websites I look at just give up loading. I want to kick something at the fact that there’s not one damn thing we can do about it either! We don’t have the broadband network available here – I would pay for good service if I could get it! And I think I will go berserk if one more child pitches a fit over the computer not working and blames me for it…as if I wouldn’t fix it if I could!

Anyway…the weather was beautiful again today, and all the kids wore shorts and t-shirts for the first time this season. It was a little disorienting though, Jericho wore the shorts and t-shirt that Nicholai was still wearing to cricket training last week, and Soren wore a tie-dyed t-shirt that EMMA was wearing a couple of weekends ago.

Brett came over with the ute and the chainsaw this morning and he and Troy chopped up the tree that fell in the wind the other day and added it to the burning heap at their mum and dad’s place. Troy then helped Brett chainsaw up a tree that fell on the roadside and load it up on the ute for Brett to take it home for firewood, and Brett dropped him back home.

Since Troy was back earlier than we had anticipated, we went out for lunch and shopping. Nicholai and Soren needed sneakers, Nicholai and Jericho needed summer pyjamas, I wanted Emma to look at Little Pet Shops for her birthday, and Jericho needed to buy a birthday present for a party he’s going to next weekend. So we went to Eastland because they have Toyworld and Big W, although since their renovation we’ve only been there once and now don’t know where anything is.

Emma was booked in to go birthday shopping with Steve and Jean and Alex this afternoon. She and Alex are six weeks apart, and since they were probably about seven years old they go shopping together at some point in between their birthdays and buy clothes. They had planned to take the girls to Eastland (which was also why we went there), so we took Emma so she could come to Toyworld with us, and then we met Steve and Jean and handed her over to them. (After she had rejected the Little Pet Shops at the toyshop, as they are “4th gen” and she doesn’t like them as much, lol). She didn’t get home until 8.30 tonight, but she had a great time and clearly loves the outfit she’s chosen, which is a white skirt with big black polka dots, a red tank top and a black lacy cardigan thing to go over that, and red slip-on shoes. She also got some jewellery, a blue dress and a stripy top, so clearly the girl is a gun for a bargain to get all that.

Our shopping was less fun, although quite successful. Sneakers and pyjamas were bought without drama, and I got some 3/4 length pants to wear when I’m hanging out at home, and Jericho chose two nano Lego sets (that make a charmandar and a bulbosaur) and some Pokemon cards for his friend. But dealing with him while we shopped just about drove me to the edge. He was obsessed with whether or not we would be home in time for him to pay poker chips and have his computer turn, and couldn’t stop asking about it and endlessly calculating how much time there was and fretting about it. And then when we told him he had to stop asking or he would not have a turn, he then turned around and went on and on and on about how terrible he was and how we didn’t like him because he was such an awful boy who kept annoying everyone – god, I was just exhausted by the whole ordeal. We were in the shopping centre for less than two hours, but it honestly felt like about six.

It's been a long day.

It’s been a long day.


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