Thursday 13 October 2016

We had a kangaroo just hopping down our street this morning. Luna was going berserk barking at something outside, and when Jericho went to tell her to stop he saw a kangaroo just hopping down the footpath, before it stopped in the empty lot at the top of the opposite court to eat grass. We went outside and looked at it, and a little while later a kid came by on a bike and it hopped away down the court. I hope it somehow managed to get itself out of town without too much trouble.

I taught today, and went a bit off my plan with a few classes. I don’t do it very often, but it worked out well today and I will just use the planned lesson next week. (Although I think grades 3 – 6 have an orienteering day next Thursday, so I will probably only teach two classes.)

At recess all the teachers were discussing the puppet play that the kids are supposed to be doing. Basically everyone was really confused, so they were trying to work out the best way to approach it to create a cohesive performance. It’s going to be difficult to create stories that fit into the puppet lady’s theme, since she wants it very much based in history that the kids haven’t actually learned yet. Honestly, I’m confused as to why we even have this theme. The whole puppet thing came as part of some kind of grant, so I guess that it had parameters of some kind, but I don’t know. At this point I think I’ll just help the kids make costumes or bodies for their puppets, and not worry too much about helping with the story.

I won’t be at the lesson tomorrow, anyway. Nicholai is going to do his presentation to the grade 5/6 class about his experiences with media, so I’ll probably watch him do that and then drive him back to school. He was actually really disgusted that I was making him go to school afterwards – apparently he thought that talking to the primary school kids should entitle him to a day off!

I finished my pink socks yesterday and I wore them today. I love them! Truly, handknit socks are lovely things and I have already picked out the pattern and wound the yarn for my next pair.

The dining seat covers we ordered arrived yesterday. I can’t believe I never knew you could get them, because they look so good compared to our hideously stained upholstery (that was also kind of old person-ish, to be honest). It was definitely a fortunate chat with Ellen that led to their purchase, I have to say. I’m so happy with my painted and cleaned and organised kitchen that I’ve even taken the horrible brown cover off the table. I know Nana would be appalled that I’m letting her table get scratched up, but the cover was so ugly and I am really against the idea of keeping things “for good”. What’s the point of keeping the table scratch-free if it means we never even see it? I’m hardly going to start throwing fancy dinner parties that would require a perfectly polished table. Also, the kids are old enough now that they can (hopefully) remember to use a placemat under their paper when they eat or want to draw, and we can put the cover on if they want to use it for other things.

I painted my puppet heads today and gave them eyes. They look much better than the other puppets I made, since these ones have noses and chins, and the smaller eyes are an improvement I think. I also glued hair to one of them, but I’m going to have to give him a haircut – I used most of a ball of that hairy polyester yarn (it’s called Jazz you get it at Spotlight) and it’s a bit much. Actually, he looks hilariously funny, so I thought I’d leave him for tonight and show Jericho and Soren tomorrow.

His head is roughly the same size as the bald think the hair is a bit much? Lmao!

His head is roughly the same size as the bald one…you think the hair is a bit much? Lmao!


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