Monday 10th October 2016

We have had a wild wind blowing all day here, which resulted in the power going out at around 2pm, with an estimated return time of 11.30am tomorrow morning. I sincerely hope that is just the worst case scenario and it comes back on a LOT sooner that! Just in case we went to IGA and bought food that we can cook on the barbecue for dinner, since the planned quiche requires an oven. So far, (it’s now 5.30) Troy has run down the batteries on his computer, Nicholai and Emma have run down the batteries on their ipads, and my computer is sitting at 70%. We’ve found candles, so we’re ready for nighttime, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a pretty long rest of the day. At least we have gas hot water now, that’s a plus.

We’ve lost half a tree out the back, which was dead so it’s not really a surprise. There are a few big chunks off the willow too, and I made the kids come inside off the trampoline because I didn’t like the way the conifers were moving. Also because some of the gusts of wind were so strong that I could see the children jumping up into the air and just being blown away.

Nicholai tried to argue that we’ve been underpaying his pocket money by 7 cents a month. This is somehow because of leap years and every seventh year having an extra Friday so something…I did not follow his mathematics logic, and since Troy and I are the ones who set the amount of money that goes into his account, we have decreed his grievance null. It was pretty funny though.

After making the children try on all their summer clothes yesterday afternoon, we went shopping this morning to fill in the gap. Nicholai needed school shorts (and school t-shirts, but he can wear Emma’s, which are bigger, while she wears her summer dress), a pair of sports shorts, bathers, and a couple of t-shirts. Emma needed a school dress which cost $65, so I was extremely glad that that was ALL she needed. Jericho needed bathers, school shorts, and a couple of pairs of normal shorts. Soren needed bathers. So it was quite a lot to get, but it actually went pretty smoothly which was nice. We bought some lunch at Woollies and then came home, where the children paid their poker chips until the power disappeared and stole their fun.

I am having such a hard time with Jericho at the moment. He is really struggling, and I really don’t know what to do for him anymore. His anxiety level seems really high, and he’s back to being so volatile that the slightest little thing makes him meltdown. It’s honestly getting so bad that I’m tense at the thought of any interaction with him, because there’s a chance of it going bad. I’m so tired of trying to manage his emotions, and I’m so scared that we’re getting nowhere and he’s just getting worse.

I started making a new puppet yesterday. Or maybe just a doll, I haven’t decided. I just really enjoyed making the other ones, and this time I thought I’d try and make one with a less wonky face. Perhaps with a chin, and an actual nose? I did the base with newspaper and tinfoil, like the other puppets, but this time I tried to layer paper towel in a way to create some regular features. While the heads look horrifying at this point (I made two, they’re all white, with empty eyesockets) I’m hopeful that once it is all papier-mached and painted and had eyes added it will look better than my other puppets!

Really, I probably just want an excuse to knit more tiny sweaters. I love knitting tiny things. Once again I’ve put aside that blanket I’m supposed to be knitting to work on a pair of socks instead, which is a much smaller project. The socks are pink and should fit, and I really, really like them. I love knitting socks.


Well, we got through a powerless evening and the children are all in bed. We cooked burgers and French toast on the barbecue for dinner, and then lit an army of tea light candles on the coffee table so we could see where we were going, and found enough torches and clip-on book lights for all the children to read. I tried to take artistic, candlelit portraits of the pets, but only Ootchy was cooperative, so that was a bit of a failure.

I also papier-mached my puppet heads by candlelight for a while and, when I realised how much heat the candles were actually putting out, arranged them so that my heads were in the middle. It should make them dry quicker, but it does look a little unnerving, like I am doing some kind of dark magic with these blank, faceless heads surrounded by candles.


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