Friday 7th October 2016

Today was another warm day. I’m going to have to get moving on actually finding/ buying all the summer clothes that the children are going to need.

I spent several hours up at school today for the puppet classes, although disappointingly we weren’t in the art room actually working on the puppets. Today the focus was on starting the process of writing stories to make a performance, and it was horribly confusing. The theme is supposed to be “fences”, and they’re supposed to take it from two hundred odd years of Australian history. But to be quite honest I had difficultly understanding what the puppet lady was really getting at, and the kids were completely baffled.

Jericho actually cried because he didn’t know what he was supposed to do and he was so stressed out about it. I worry that I’m just making things worse for him by being in the class for all this, but I also know that he wants me to keep coming.

Anyway, I was at school for the two classes of puppetry and then I stayed after that talking with Jericho’s teacher as we tried to work out what exactly the kids were expected to produce for this puppet play. By that point the children were so frazzled that one of them asked if they could do “smiling minds”, which is a five minute mindfulness meditation that they sometimes do. So I stayed for some mindfulness (my psychologist would be proud of me, ha ha ha) and then I came home.

Nicholai is going to go up to the primary school next week and talk to the senior room about sports journalism. This came about because yesterday I was talking to Sandra (senior room teacher) and she said that she saw Nicholai down the street when he was hawking his grand final footy record about. I said that sports journalism was really his ultimate career goal, and then I told her about his blog and his twitter, and the way he’s done his grand final record and used to do a ‘Sports Report’ every Friday at primary school, and that he’s gone to the AFL Footy Record offices and done some stats stuff for a radio show and is planning on doing social media for the junior football club next year. After all that Sandra asked if he’d be interested in coming and speaking to her class, since they’re doing ‘Media’ this term. Really, it sounds ideal for them – Nicholai is close to their age and has done all this stuff on his own. I think he’s a really fantastic example of someone using their initiative and finding ways to really explore and expand upon their interests, which is something that a lot of kids don’t actually do. I thought he could take in a copy of his grand final report and maybe some of the primary school sport reports he did, and show them his blog and talk about what he’s done and answer questions and it would be great. He’s pretty keen to do it too, I think – I mean, his enthusiasm might have something to do with the fact that I said he can miss a morning of school to do this, but even so!


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