Thursday 6th October 2016

It was a beautiful day today, the first one that really felt like spring. It was so nice that this evening we bought fish and chips and all went to the park to eat. It was so nice to be outside. While we were waiting for the fish and chips we walked up and down the street, going to all the pokestops to replenish our empty stock of pokeballs. After we ate at the park the kids played on the equipment and played basketball with Troy, and I walked around the park pokestops to try and get more pokeballs. I had my camera and I took some photos, but they were pretty much rubbish really, which was a bit discouraging.

It was a pretty good day even apart from my lovely evening at the park. Teaching this morning went very smoothly, which was nice. I spent some time at home playing about on the computer and being quiet afterwards, and then after I brought Jericho and Soren home from school we finished making their puppets. This actually went really well, thank goodness! Soren drew a face on his puppet head and then decided he didn’t like it but, rather than throwing a fit, he came up with the solution of just painting over it, which worked fine. We sat it out in the sun to dry and it was ready about ten minutes later to have the googly eyes, ears and hair glued on. I love watching him work on things. He knows what he wants things to be like, but he’s quite philosophical about difficulties and is a good problem solver, so he’s willing to consider alternate ideas when it’s needed.

Jericho is…not quite like that. However things all went well today, and although we made some changes to our original plan of how to do the body things came together and Jericho was really happy with the way it turned out. He used the same glass eyes I used for my puppets but they are in better proportion on his swamp monster’s face! He made up a little smiley mouth with some fangs and that’s very cute too, as well as the novelty yarn we used for hair, and then for decoration around the neck and the base of the claw. So in the end Soren ended up with a dog-like creature glove puppet(it has ears like a dog, but a little tuft of hair, honestly I don’t really know) and Jericho ended up with a one-clawed swamp monster hand puppet. They’re both really excited to take them to school tomorrow and show the puppet lady.

They had a football day at school today and all the kids could wear their football supporter gear. Jericho wore free dress but with his Demons scarf and hat (which he kept on all day, despite the heat!) and Soren wore his Collingwood pyjamas all day, which did make me laugh. He was the only kid wearing pyjamas, but he didn’t even care.

Nicholai's attitude to his siblings...can't you feel the love?

Nicholai’s attitude to his siblings…can’t you feel the love?



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