Wednesday 5th October 2016

I spoke to Ellen today, which was fun, and then I followed her very excellent advice and went and ordered some chair covers for the dining rooms chairs. I don’t know if I’m just not very bright, but it had never occurred to me to even think about chair covers for them. Our table and chairs came from Great-Nana and the chairs are upholstered in (what was once) cream fabric with embossed, extremely pale green leaves and pink flowers. Of course after however many years in her house and then four years in our house they are disgusting, but I was just resigned to having the world’s dirtiest upholstered chairs until I could afford to recover them (which would be never). Chair covers never even occurred to me.

I got curtains for the kitchen today, and Troy hung them up for me because he’s good like that. I might have wasted my money with the curtains though, I got ‘light filtering’ because they were cheaper than blackout, and it’s the kitchen – we don’t need it to be pitch black. However light filtering also means when the lights are on at night time the curtains are basically see-through, so it’s probably a good thing privacy wasn’t our main concern. Anyway, basically I’m suffering from extreme buyer’s remorse about how much money I have spent on this little “painting the loungeroom” lark so right now everything feels excessive.

I hauled my sewing machine out to sew the curtains together this afternoon (the window is so wide that it takes two panels each side) and while it was out I made a glove for Soren’s glove puppet. He hasn’t painted the face on so it’s basically a lumpy head shape with two dents for eyes and now a brown, glove body…he looks a bit like Voldemort actually.

I still have to make the body for Jericho’s swamp monster puppet, but I didn’t want to to do it without him here. After all his drama I know that whatever I did would be wrong, so I figured that I may as well wait until he is present and able to supervise and yell at me while things are in progress. Sigh.

I did my planning for tomorrow, which took an absurdly long time. I’m starting a unit on Cuaca (weather) with the senior and middle grades and so all I needed to do was make a vocab list and a word search but I kept having issues and it took forever. I’m still doing numbers with the little kids for my teacher registration project. We’re going to play a matching/memory game with the cards tomorrow, and then I’m going to try and find a counting song that we can learn to perform at assembly.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday 5th October 2016

  1. Hahahha, I was going to message about the chair covers…. you won’t regret it😊. Also what did em think about the doll house idea?? It was lovely talking to you today. Don’t forget to send me a photo of your table and chairs when the covers come xo

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