Tuesday 4th October 2016

I think letting the children have two big cups of lemonade half an hour before putting them in bed might have been a mistake.

This occurred because Troy and I took Soren, Jericho and Emma with us to pick up my last photo canvas at Big W and then do a Costco shop, and let them eat their dinner at Costco. It was the cheapest fast food we’ve ever bought (possibly the oiliest too, at least with their cheese pizza), but the free drink refills might have backfired on us, because we’re back home now and Jericho, Soren and Emma are all going crazy instead of going to sleep.

Nicholai didn’t come because he had cricket training. He had to get himself home afterwards and have a shower and make his own tea, so that was a nice bit of independence for him I guess. Jericho thought it was outrageous that Nicholai didn’t have to come, and could therefore stay home and use his ipad, but whatever.

At least by going to Costco I actually got something done today. After all the laundry and puppets yesterday I spent most of today doing nothing with a headache. I did a little bit of knitting on my socks, but not much else.

I do love the new photo canvas. It’s a bigger one, a photo of all the kids at the beach, taken from behind them. It’s in the display space on the dresser, and looks lovely with the new paint. I would like to get new curtains for in there, but we’ll have to see – curtains aren’t really cheap and it’s a big window.


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