Monday 3rd October 2016

Today was that day of washing a million loads of laundry that always happens after we’ve been away. We do washing at mum and dad’s, but somehow there are still always mountains of it the day after we came back. I was thinking that I do so much laundry I should be quite an expert, but the reality is that I’m quite a lazy laundress – I don’t separate lights and darks and I never iron. Actually, I don’t really separate anything much, towels only get washed separately because they fill up the washing machine by themselves.

The kids were all happy enough to go back to school this morning, and they all seemed to come home happy this afternoon too, which was nice. I dropped the two little boys off and then drove to Lilydale so I could collect my photobooks and photo canvases at Big W. I now have a photo book for each year of the kids’ lives that I’ve had the digital camera and am completely caught up (at least until November 1, when Emma turns 13 and I have to do her 12 year old book). The canvases look great too, I’ve never had any printed before but I got three square ones with pictures of the kids on them (all four in each one) and I love them.

While I was there I bought a couple of long sleeved t-shirts for Nicholai off the clearance rack – he’s grown out of what he has, and while there is only another month or so before all he will need are short sleeved shirts he kind of needs something to tide him over. If they don’t fit him next year then they can just get put away for Jericho. I took all the too-small shirts out of Nicholai’s wardrobe and ended up just really shaking my head over the four or five brand new and unworn t-shirts I dug up. Meanwhile he’s been wearing the same two every weekend for the past six months, and not even the nicest two! Oh well, it’s one of those things that I don’t get much say in now that they’re all getting big. I can buy/ refuse to buy certain things, but once it’s in their wardrobes and drawers they’re the ones who choose to wear it. Or not, in the case of these clothes today! It works out well for Jericho though, he was a bit miffed about always having hand-me-down clothes after he saw Emma getting so many new things in Hamilton, and here he will have all these brand new things when he grows a little bit more!

I worked on my puppets this afternoon and, apart from stringing them, they’re all done. It was actually quite nerve-wracking glueing them together – usually I do crafts like knitting or crocheting where mistakes can be rectified…much harder to do with a hot glue gun and no spare parts. It went well though. I mean, the faces are kind of wonky and they don’t exactly match my vision, but I guess for a first attempt at puppets they’re not too bad. The kids will have fun with them and the knitting is cute anyway!

Cute or horrifying? You decide.

Just to show you the photos, hung on the wall directly opposite the wall when you walk in.

Just to show you the photos, hung on the wall directly opposite the wall when you walk in.


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