Sunday 2nd October 2016

I love coming home. Even though we had a good time away at Mum and Dad’s place it’s still so good to get home. I love my house.

Our only plan for today was to get up, pack and drive home, but I must admit that daylight savings kind of threw that off a bit. We didn’t leave Hamilton until eleven, I think.

We stopped in at Benita and Cam’s house on the way home and had lunch there. It was lovely to catch up and see them all – her kids are such sweethearts. We took them a little box with a few dress ups in it that my kids have grown our of, but I think the thing that brought the most joy was a pair of Nicholai’s old footy boots that Sullivan took. They were too big, so I half expected the shoe to go flying off as soon as he kicked the ball, but he was so pleased with them.

Sometimes I think it’s too bad that my kids are so much older than their cousins on that side of the family, but there are some things about it that are lovely. My kids love giving their old things to their little cousins and seeing them all happy with their “presents”. And Emma gets to be the special big girl cousin that all the little girl cousins adore! I really love that she gets that with them, because in all honesty she has spent a lot of her life being the quiet one in the family, and has often overshadowed by her more demanding and outgoing brothers. She deserves an opportunity to be the special one, and she loves playing with all the little girls.

We arrived home to a beautifully painted and tidy house that I still like as much as I did at the start of the week! The baskety smell from all the new cube baskets has also faded, so that’s a good thing.

Back to school tomorrow. Term 4…it’s crazy to think how close we are to Christmas.


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