The Bulldogs won. It was a close and dramatic game, which made it harder for Nicholai, but damn it was good to watch him win. He sat on the couch looking so tense, wringing his hands as he watched and writing down every point and goal scored. There was also a lot of random statistics he was constantly looking up and telling us about, which was just his way of coping with all that intense emotion. But then when they won, he was so happy! He even had to go outside and run around in the street waving his scarf to relieve his feelings.

It’s like he’s come through an ordeal though. He looks exhausted.

Rhiannon and her kids came by this morning, which was really fun. The kids did some drawing and played hide and seek and really all got along beautifully. Corbin just strolled around, which he does with his hands linked behind his back in the most hilarious and adorable way. He’s really super cute. He made me laugh when he was trying to give kisses to Luna, who of course just licked his face as he pursed his lips up at her, which made Corbin laugh.

Lee came over with her kids this afternoon too, so it was really rather a busy and family oriented day. Jericho, Kareem and Soren did whatever things Pokemon-loving boys do, and Samira roped Emma into service as her servant while Lee watched the footy, which was actually pretty funny.

Emma has been wearing the new clothes that I bought her (new jeans, long sleeved t-shirts and singlets for now, the pyjamas and dressing gown, shorts, leggings and t-shirts I’ll save for her birthday) and it is amazing how much older they made her look! They’re women’s sizes and somehow the fit of them just makes her look so much NOT a child. I don’t know, I really should not be continually astonished by how grown up my girl is getting, but it does kind of keep catching me by surprise. It’s a month until her birthday – she’ll be thirteen and a proper teenager, and I cannot believe that my fuzzy haired baby girl is so very much gone!

I walked around the lake with Troy yesterday, and went for a walk around the block with him this evening. It was good – I think it’s something we should do more often now that the kids are big enough to stay home alone for a while.


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  1. I am so happy for Nicholai!!! We were all hoping they would win and I had a tear of joy when dad sent me the photo of you and him when they won!!! Sooootheilling!
    I’m glad you have had a nice time at mum and dads and all your kids are looking so gorgeous and grown up.
    Have a safe trip home tomorrow
    Love Elle xo

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