Thursday 29th September 2016

Today was a pretty lazy school holiday day. We’re at mum and dad’s place now (arrived yesterday afternoon) and so it was pretty much the usual lying around watching tv, kids played Uno, visited with Lee and her kids this afternoon. That kind of thing.

I went down the street with Mum to pick something out for her and dad to give to Jericho and Soren for Christmas, and to look at cricket helmets for Nicholai. The cricket helmets were too expensive, but I know Troy found a cheaper one somewhere so I thought we’ll give him that for Christmas, and mum and dad can give him something else. We chose a big Lego set for Jericho and Soren to share – they did that last year with the pirate ship and that worked really well.

We went to Target as well, since I know they often have quite a big selection on clearance and I thought I should look for Emma. I did amazingly well actually, I got her jeans, denim shorts, two long sleeved t-shirts, three short sleeved t-shirts, three singlets, two pairs of summer pyjamas, a pair of 3/4 leggings and a dressing gown for less than a hundred dollars. Some of it she can have right away, but I thought I’ll keep the rest and give it to her for her birthday, since that’s only a month away and I don’t have too many other ideas for her.

We went to Sovereign Hill on the way here yesterday, which was good. We haven’t been as a family for a few years, although the kids have gone there on school camp. It was about the most crowded I’d ever seen it, so getting around without bumping into crowds or falling over small, free-range children was occasionally challenging, but we still had fun. We were lucky with the weather too, it was lovely and sunny and only beginning to cloud over as we left.


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